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About Us

​ Greetings  

Classical Japanese Arts has been loved by people all over the world and has been carefully preserved and handed down for a long time.  

Our Association of Classical Japanese Arts was established on August 25, 2020 with the mission of protecting and developing Japanese traditional culture and passing it on to future generations. rice field.  


Since then, a project to hold planned and continuous workshops and performances aimed at nurturing the spirit of valuing traditional Japanese culture and fostering a rich emotion for the children who will bear the future, in Japan Not only is it a business that provides the world with opportunities to appreciate and experience better traditional Japanese culture through overseas performances and workshops, and using YouTube, lesson videos and performance videos (live and recorded) are directed to the world. We are developing various businesses to improve the environment for sustainable cultural and artistic activities, centering on the business of disseminating information.  


We will continue to earnestly ask about the traditions that must be preserved and passed down, and the traditions that should be changed flexibly. We look forward to your participation and support in the activities of the Japan Traditional Culture Association.  


Representative Director of Association of Classical Japanese Arts

Mayumi Ono


[Biography of Mayumi Ono]

Born in Oita City. Introduced to Michiko Kikuzono from the age of eight. In 1974, he studied under the late Kiyoko Miyagi, a living national treasure, with the scent of the late Toshiko Murata. Graduated from the Department of Japanese Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts in 1979. While attending school, he won a prize at the National Miyagi Koto Association Competition. 1979 Established Jiuta Sokyoku Mionokai. In 1991, he studied Kyushu Jiuta Sanxian under Noriko Togashi. Established the Japanese Traditional Dance Federation in Minato-ku, Tokyo in 2015. In addition to domestic and international performance activities such as recitals for performances participating in the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival, we strive to guide younger generations and popularize Japanese music by fostering volunteer performance teams at educational, medical and nursing care facilities, and New Year performance teams at Roppongi Hills. There is. Representative Director of the Japanese Traditional Japanese Dance Federation in Minato-ku, Tokyo . Jiuta Koto song Mionokai presided over. Member of Japan Sankyoku Association. Member of Oita Sankyoku Association. A member of the Forest Society.   Official Website



​Constitution of Japanese Traditional Culture



Representative Director
Mayumi Ono

Representative Vice Director
Wakana Kanada

Managing Director
Ichiyou Nakai

Managing Director/Kanto Branch Manager
Kanako Fujieda


Managing Director/Kansai Branch Manager
Mami Honda


Director/North America Branch Manager
Naomi Mikami

Nanae Fujimura


Mayoka Matsuo


Special Advisor
Tsuneo Akaeda


Keisuke Zenyouji



Kisyou Tousya

Toshisui Noguchi



Takehiroka Hanayagi

Masatoshi Yasuda



Secretary General
Shigeko Endo


European Branch Manager

Marketa Reiter Fujita


General Affairs
Keiko Hirabayashi


Public Relations
Masato Shinohara

Michika Midori



Naoko Yoshikawa


External Relations
Yukiko Takata


Isao Adachi

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