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​ About Sponsorship  

Traditional Japanese culture covers a variety of genres such as Japanese music, Japanese dance, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, martial arts, and painting. Our Association of Classical Japanese Arts promotes traditional culture and conveys it correctly to future generations by providing a wide range of opportunities to experience the fun of various events. We are engaged in various businesses for the purpose of.  

In order to further expand and enhance these businesses, we would like to ask for your support and cooperation with sponsorship funds or products.  

Individual sponsorship: 1000 yen per unit 
Corporate sponsorship: 1000 yen per unit (5 units or more)

​ How to Apply  

When applying, please use one of the following methods.  

  1. Please fill in the required items from the sponsorship application form below and send it.  
    Sponsorship application form (← link to form)  

  2. Please download the application form below, fill it out, and send it by mail or fax.  
    Download the sponsorship application form (PDF file) (← link to file)  

​ Payment Method

After applying, please make a payment to the following transfer destination.  

[Transfer destination]  
Japan Post Bank 0 19 stores (Zeroichikyu store)
For the time being 0488051 
Account Name General Incorporated Association of Classical Japanese Arts


Tel. 03-6277-3220 / Fax. 03-3280-3010

Association of Classical Japanese Arts Sponsorship  

​ Supporting companies / individuals  

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in our business.  

We would like to introduce the companies and individuals who have supported us so far.  

  • 4-01-26 Blue Chip Group (1-14-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) mouth

  • 4-02-05 MIO Co., Ltd. (3-10-18-203 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo) 250 units

  • 4-03-01 IDS Co., Ltd. (2-3-18 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo YM Shiba Park Building 5th floor) 100 units

  • 4-04-25 MIO Co., Ltd. (3-10-18-203 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo) 140 units

  • 4-06-01 KE (Chiba) 8 units

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