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Workshop for beginners of Japanese instruments starts in November

Koto and Shamisen

Why don't you try to play the gentle melody of the koto and shamisen?

We will hold a workshop for those who are new to the Koto and Shamisen.

In addition to the joy of being able to play a piece on a Japanese instrument, you can learn and enjoy the unique Japanese traditional music, from the way of timing to the way of behavior, in a casual manner.

Those who wish to participate in the concert will have chance to experience to play with professional performers on April, 30th..

This class is recommended for beginners, those who would like to challenge new things.


This class is open to beginners aged 5 and older. Adults are also welcome to participate.

【Schedule】November 6, November 20, December 4, December 18, January 8, January 22, February 5, February 19, March 5, March 19, April 2, April 16, and April 30, 2022 (13 sessions)

*Participation in only part of the sessions is also possible.

*Dates may be subject to change depending on the venue.

【Participation fee】1,000 yen per session (for the use of the instrument) *All high school students and younger are free of charge.

All koto picks, shamisen bachi, and other accessories necessary for performance are available for rent. If you wish to purchase them, please ask your local instructor (about 3,300-4,840 yen).

If you wish to perform at the presentation on the final day, April 30, 2023 only, a separate stage fee of 2,000 yen (total 3,000 yen) is required. Dress code for the performance is kimono (Houmongi, Furisode, Montsuki hakama). Dressing and other preparation fees are not included in the stage fee. We will provide information for those who wish to rent costumes.


The venue may be changed to a nearby location.

Shinbashi area, Minato-ku (Lifelong Learning Center Balloon) JR Shinbashi Station

Minami-Azabu area, Minato-ku (Arisu Iki-iki Plaza) Hiroo Subway Station

Minami-Aoyama area, Minato-ku (Aoyama Lifelong Learning Center) Omotesando Subway Station

Shibaura Konan area, Minato-ku (Konan Iki-iki Plaza) JR Shinagawa station

Bunkyo-ku area (Bunkyo-ku Kinro Fukushi Kaikan) JR Komagome station

Monzennakacho area, Koto-ku (Furuishiba Cultural Center) Monzennakacho Subway station

Toyosu area, Koto-ku (Toyosu Cultural Center) Subway Toyosu station

Shinagawa-ku area (Gotanda Culture Center) JR Gotanda station

Meguro-ku area (Meguro Dendo Jyuku Center, Mita Branch) JR Meguro station

Ota-ku area (Haginaka Community Center) Keikyu Koujiya station

Setagaya-ku area (Sakura-shinmachi Community Center) Denentoshi Line Sakura-shinmachi Station

Ebisu area, Shibuya-ku (Nagayato Social Education Center) JR Ebisu Station

Sendagaya area, Shibuya-ku (Sendagaya Social Education Center) JR Sendagaya station

Kita-ku area (Tabata Fureaikan) JR Tabata station

Machida City area (Machida Shimin Forum) JR Machida station

Machida City South area (Minami Shimin Center) Denentoshi Line Minami Machida Grandberry-Park Station

Yokohama City area (Kuraki Noh Butai) Keikyu Kami-Ooka Station

Minami-ku area, Sagamihara City (Kamitsuruma Community Center) Odakyu Line Sagamiono Station

Midori-ku area, Sagamihara City (Fujino Chuo Community Center) JR Fujino station

Misato City area (Misato City Piala City Exchange Center) JR Shin-Misato station

【Application period】 Late August to the end of November, 2022

Depending on the time of application, participants may join in the middle of the program.


The number of applicants is limited to a few in each area (on a first-come, first-served basis).

【How to apply】

Please fill out the application form or email the following seven items to the Association of Classical Japanese Arts. (

(1)District you wish to participate *Please select a venue from the above list. (2) Select your instrument (koto or shamisen) (3)Your name (4)Date of birth (5)Address (6)Phone number (7)School name and grade

We will contact you back with further details.

If you do not receive a reply within one week after submitting your application or sending an e-mail, please contact us again.

Supported by: Minato-ku/Shinagawa-ku/Meguro-ku/Koto-ku/Ota-ku/Machida-city/Sagamihara-city

We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the followings. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・The number of participants will be limited to prevent infection caused by COVID-19.

・To prevent infection, please wear a mask, sanitize your hands and fingers, and follow the instructions.

・The number of sessions, dates, venues, etc. may be changed or cancelled due to the spread of infection, changes in social conditions, requests from the government or equivalent organizations, etc.

・If you are unable to cooperate with the above, we reserve the right to refuse your participation even after the course has started.


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